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16 Jan 2018   
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Australian Open goes bananas
The starchy fruit dominated the day's on-court action, prompting a tantrum from one player and proving more than a match for another. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 8:34pm 

Catholic Church disappointed in abuse inquiry's limits
The Catholic Church is disappointed a Government inquiry into state abuse of children may not expand to include faith-based institutions, including itself. 
© 2018 RadioNZ 8:15pm 

Is it time to shift the school summer holidays to February?
Climate change could come to the aid of campaigners wanting a shift in schools' summer holidays. 
© 2018 8:14pm 

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Device manufacturers are failing public on privacy
OPINION: In the dystopia of1984, ordinary people can't turn off their watchful televisions. Although George Orwell's prescient novel didn't get all the details right, today there is prying eye without an 'off' switch in all our living rooms. Recent news stories have highlighted how smartphone cameras and webcams can watch us and eavesdrop on our conversations. Yet go into any big box technology retailer and look at the row upon row of camera and microphone-equipped notebooks, desktops, smartphones and webcams ?? not a single one has a physical "on/off" switch. 
© 2018 8:14pm 

Letter from Africa: Inside the gated communities of WhatsApp
Joseph Warungu peeps into WhatsApp groups to find out who the group administrators really are. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:14pm 

The Indian woman who chose a bull over marriage
Selvarani Kanagarasu, a daily wage labourer from India, shuns marriage to take care of a bull. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:14pm 

Trump voters grade president's first year
Four Donald Trump supporters share their views on the president's first year in office. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:14pm 

Wallaby gives police slip on Sydney Bridge
The unusual sight of a wallaby bounding across the Sydney Harbour Bridge has surprised early-morning motorists. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:14pm 

Australian father's instinct helps find trapped son
The Australian man hired a helicopter after suspecting his son had been in a car crash. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:14pm 

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Clippers beat Paul, Rockets 113-102 for 5th win in a row
LOS ANGELES (AP) Lou Williams scored 31 points, Blake Griffin added 29 before his ejection, and the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Houston Rockets 113-102 on Monday night in Chris Paul's heated return to Staples Center against... 
© 2018 NZ Herald 8:24pm 

Christchurch schools keen to replace Stage Challenge
Christchurch schools are pinning their hopes on local organisers taking over after the demise of the popular Stage Challenge. 
© 2018 8:14pm 

Make or break year for Christchurch's World Buskers Festival
World Buskers Festival organisers are urging Christchurch people to show their support for the event as it faces a make or break year. 
© 2018 8:14pm 

Ryan Giggs: New Wales boss says questions about commitment 'unfair'
New Wales boss Ryan Giggs says he has been unfairly criticised, and a desire to reach a major tournament "burns" inside him. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:14pm 

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Masters: Liang Wenbo hits brilliant 139 break but loses to Judd Trump
Liang Wenbo hits the highest break of the 2018 Masters so far, a fabulous 139 in the eighth frame against Judd Trump, but loses 6-4. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:14pm 

Australian Open 2018: Maria Sharapova beats Tatjana Maria to reach second round
Maria Sharapova powers into the Australian Open second round with a straight-set win over Germany's Tatjana Maria. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:14pm 

What were you wearing? Rape victims' clothes exhibited
The powerful Is it my fault? exhibition in Brussels aims to show clothing doesn't cause rape. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:14pm 

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Pope Francis in Chile at start of Latin America visit
The visit is overshadowed by child sexual abuse accusations against some member of Chilean clergy. 
© 2018 BBCWorld 8:14pm 

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